About Me

I live and work in Madison, WI.  I’m currently employed as a Business Intellgence Consultant/DBA for Solve (formerly Resource Management Professionals, LLC).

Pretty geeky, but I am also fairly active.  My primary passion is men’s fast pitch softball.  It’s a sport that’s dying a slow death.  For reasons I will never understand the younger crowd seems to wants to play slow pitch.  There’s just no experience like having a fastball come screaming at you at 75 mph from 46 feet away. I used to be on the Wisconsin NAFA (North American Fastpitch Association) board.

I also enjoy hunting and fishing.  Other interests include gourmet cooking and spending time with my rescued bull terrier Lola.

Back to the geeky part.  I’m a member of PASS, as well as the Madison user group MadPASS.  I write ETL packages using SSIS as well as diagnose and treat underforming SQL Server environments.



One Response to About Me

  1. Allen White says:

    Come to SQLSat60 and ask for me. We’ll make a place for you.

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