Trying again

I’ve started a few blogs in the past, but after a couple of posts, I either lose interest or forget about them.  So, I’m trying again.  This one will be a little different, I think.  More like a diary of musings rather than a more focused blog like I’ve tried in the past.  We’ll see how it goes.

Just a quick time-out from work to set this page up.  Then, back to the grind.  There’s a deadline of June 30 to push out a new web project.  It sounds so far off, but when the development team (essentially two of us, me on the SQL Server side and another fellow coding the Java) looks at what needs to be accomplished by then we’re wondering how we’re going to get it done in time.  8 months out and we don’t think we’ll be done by June 30th!  I see a lot of weekend work ahead of me.  Better get back at it.



About Gill Rowley

I live in a Madison, WI suburb, working as Owner/President of White Knight Data Solutions. I like hunting, fishing, working out, my boat, my motorcycle, playing with my rescued bull terrier Lola, and gourmet cooking. Oh, yeah, and I play men's fastpitch softball, and chess. Let that sink in. :-)
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